elegant frameless glass balustrade fencing for house

Our frameless glass balustrades are sure to suit any home anywhere in Sydney

Here at Master Glass Fencing, we understand what a home means to a person, we understand that a home is something to invest in and that only the highest of quality products are wanted in a home. We will listen to exactly what you desire and make it a reality, helping you to get one step closer to achieving your dream home. If what you desire is frameless glass balustrades for your dream home in Sydney then Master Glass Fencing is the company for you.

A person home is something special. I recently came across a quote by Harold B. Lee – “The most important work you and I will ever do will be within the walls of our own homes”. Here at Master Glass Fencing, we understand how important home is to our customers.

Our years of experience have taught us many things about our industry, one of them being how important it is to know what your customers want in order to give them the things that will make their home that extra bit special.

In order to show prove this to you today, I will talk about one of our customer’s experience with us. David was a recent customer who was building a new home for himself and his young family at the time. We supplied and installed glass balustrades for his balcony and inside staircase, and frameless glass pool fence. After we had finished, he took one look and said ‘ now this is the home I have always dreamed of. David had set high expectations of what he wanted and we met his expectations. You may be thinking that we provided him with just some balustrades and a fence, what is so special about our products? To answer your question, I will go through this in a bit more detail.

David needed custom made glass pieces that would fit perfectly on his staircase and suit the modern look he was after. He also required stainless steel handrails to add that extra bit of safety for his elderly mother. His pool was built at the end of his backyard overlooking the sea. David hated the look of fences around pools and didn’t want anything to obstruct his view. The glass pool fence we supplied and installed met all Australian standards and provided the safety measures required for his kids to be able to play outside and for him to have peace of mind that they are safe. The frameless glass pool fence also allowed for no obstruction of the beautiful. The frameless glass balustrades also allowed for the beautiful view to be seen with ease.

We had listened to David’s every need and provided exactly what he demanded. Our aim is for every customer to be just as satisfied as David was with our products and services. We strive to provide exceptional customer service. Our outstanding attention to detail and high-quality products help us achieve our aim.

If you are sick of being let down and are just looking for someone to rely on for all your glass installation needs, then Master glass Fencing and Balustrades is the right company for you. We supply and install framed, semi-framed and frameless glass balustrades and pool fences anywhere in Sydney. We can even supply and install your shower screen. Just give us a call for a free quote measure and quote, obligation free.

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