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Eastern Suburbs Glass balcony balustrades

In need of great quality glass balcony balustrades in the Eastern Suburbs. Look no further for we are the team for you. If you would like a free quote then give us a call at Master Glass and we will take care of the rest. Our friendly staff will take the time to ensure that you have the perfect system. We try and factor in all areas of your decision-making process.

Everything from the design of the product, the surrounding environment, the looks, the safety concerns and the quality of the job as a whole. We will supply and install for all fencing needs with the utmost quality service and products. We leave nothing out when considering what is the best job for you. Our frameless glass systems are second to none.

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They have the utmost quality products mixed with our well-experienced teams, you will be amazed. Our 12mm toughened glass and 2205 stainless steel spigots can out last any other product you will install and with that we offer a 15-year guarantee. The 12mm clear glass on your balcony is a safe system that is approved by the Australian building codes. They provide a safe environment on a balcony as it is a strong product.

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With the strength being one of its greatest features, it is also a product that is pleasing to the eye above all other balustrade products. If you are looking to have attached capping or handrails, we can help with that also. Our stainless-steel handrails attached to the glass balustrade add an elegant look to the balustrade with the comfort and safety of a handrail. These features are suitable for both commercial and residential living spaces.

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You may be looking at installing a balustrade and glass pool fence. Well, look no further, again because we can be your one-stop shop for all glass needs. We pride ourselves in knowing the balcony and pool glass systems and know that we can find the perfect system to suit your house. If you are looking for the system than we can fit you with a top marine ‘A’ grade spigots to ensure that your fence doesn’t fade like most other pool fencing and balustrade systems. With our systems, we are not limited but work with many different styles of balconies. They may range from concrete, timber decking, tiles, or even hang off the side off a wall using stainless steel high-grade standoffs.

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Whatever the situation we have the product that can be installed and durable. Our stair balustrade system holds to the same values as all our other balustrades but brings much value to the inside of the house as well as the outside. Our glass products have been installed all over the Eastern suburbs with many satisfied customers. Our trustee teams with all their experience give a customer service and quality work that you will be happy with. We take on every project as if it were our own and leave them very satisfied and proud of our work.

We love what we do and aim to make every person out there love it as well. With this type of experience and passion you can trust our team. With great suppliers on our side providing the best glass balustrades and glass pool fencing systems. Our range is great. We can provide frameless glass balcony balustrades, semi-framed glass balustrades, framed glass balustrade, stair glass balustrades in the same styles, handrails attached to glass, frameless glass pool fencing, semi-frameless pool fencing, aluminium pool fencing.

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All these products follow the Australian standards to ensure the ultimate safety of your glass balcony balustrade and glass pool fencing. We guarantee that all the products follow a system that is safe for not only your family but for everybody who is nearby. The greatest thing about these glass systems is that they lead as a system and put themselves in a class of their own. Not only are they one of the safest systems that can be supplied and installed at the moment but they are the best looking glass balcony balustrades on the market at the moment.

This can be the answer you are looking for when completing the finishing look to your brand new home or the face lift you need to bring up the value to your existing home. We have serviced many houses in the Eastern suburbs which include Bondi Junction, North RandwickMaroubra and Double Bay.

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